So yesterday was #NationalDogDay 
So, here’s my baby. He’s so big now. *cries*
I think this app’s really cute. :3
My last “first day” at this beautiful school.
Class of 2015
(So not ready for Senior year.)
#Classof2015 #SeniorYear
#tb to when we were at the lake. “Ang kulet talaga ng bata na yan!” x)
Song of praise: 08/24/14
#PraiseTheLord #Pmcc4w
Mix & matching outfits with my skirt and high waisted shorts for the first day of Senior year. x)
Which looks best?
My new hairstyle for the school year!! 👍 And for my date, of course.

She’s getting me ready for my date with Louis Tomlinson, which I swear is in 30 minutes… :3

Third time’s the charm!
Nominees: @alenuurs @drixjas @aiko_808 @floridianboi96 (at ALS IceBucket Challenge)